Sunday, 9 December 2012

Veena Malik in yet another raunchy picture

veena malik Zindagi 50 50 Veena Malik in yet another raunchy picture

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been in the news lately for the MMS scandal. However it was later claimed to be a scene from her upcoming film Zindagi 50-50.
Claiming that she doesn’t need MMSs for publicity, the actress claims her scene that was leaked, portrayed her wrongly.
Coming to limelight by making appearance in Bigg Boss Season 4, Veena is again in the news for a raunchy photo shoot she did in a bathtub, titled as ‘Dry Clean’. She is seen in the bath tub, covered only with a layer of soap foam.
Guess Veena is getting picked for all the wrong reasons.

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