Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ayodhyapuram Movie in more Trouble

Ayodhyapuram-MovieForthcoming Kannada movie Karnataka Ayodhyapuram is hitting headlines for wrong reason again. After being chased by a section of Muslim men, a couple of months ago for a scene where burkha-clad girl running away with a Hindu boy, now the title of the film has landed in trouble as the Muslim community is not happy with the title of the movie.
Several Muslim groups have raised their objections against the film citing that the film might hurt the sentiments of Hindu and Muslims leading to communal disharmony. They believe that the dark episode of Ayodhya riot of 1992 could lead to a lot of unnecessary tensions between the two communities. Hence, they are opposing the title of the film.
The groups have written a letter to the State Minority Commission, which has forwarded it to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. However, director Lava is not ready to change the title and has claimed that the movie is not about the Ayodhya riots. He says that the story revolves around a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl.
He wants the Regional Censor Board to watch the film and take a call on it. Karnataka Ayodhyapuram stars Rakesh Adiga and Nayana in the lead roles.

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