Thursday, 3 January 2013

I feel that I have just now entered the cine field: Trisha

trisha-south-indiaTrisha Interview in Hyderabab, Trisha got 10 years Experience in Cine field, South Indian Actress Trish Interview
Trisha gave an interview at Hyderabad. ‘It is ten years since my entry into cine field.  Only as I happened to look at the calendar I realized that these many years have gone by.  Otherwise, I feel like I entered the cine field yesterday.  Daily, I participate in shooting schedules with the feel that I have just now entered the cine field.  It is something big that I am in cine field for the last ten years.  I believe that I would sustain in the cine field for another ten years.’
‘I would not do the usual style any further.  I would do roles prioritizing the heroine.  I am choosing such stories.  Telugu movie ‘RUM’ which I have chosen has such a strong character.  The movie’s storyline gives importance to me.  Fans could see me in different characters’ spoke Trisha.

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