Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vishal to show eight-pack body in Madha Gaja Raja

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In cinema, there is the growing trend of developing six-pack.  Vishal happens to be the first actor in Tamil cinema who maintains six-pack.  Vishal underwent strenuous physical exercises for several months and changed his build.  Several other actors have followed trail and have changed to six-pack.
But, those who changed to six-pack suffered sunken cheeks and gave a tired appearance.  There are many who ditched effort to change to six-pack.  But, from very begin, Vishal is sticking to six-pack.
For movie ‘Madha Gaja Raja’ directed by Sundar C, Vishal is emerging in three getups.  For one action scene, Vishal has changed to eight-pack.  He appointed a special master for this and did proper physical exercise. Also, Vishal maintained a strict diet and has changed to eight-pack within two months.
So, for action scenes, Vishal has taken since efforts and shows the wonderful build he has developed.  This has caused tension in other Kollywood action heroes.

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