Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chaitu Kicks Original Stories Into Trash

Chaitu Kicks Original Stories Into Trash
Naga Chaitanya was expected to be the young romantic hero in Tollywood, but the young lad is not living upto the mark. To achieve the feat, he is now changing ways and here it goes.
 Till date our Akkineni hero has done all original scripts especially written for him, but all of them bombed at Box Office. That pushed Chaitu into lot of confusion and trauma as he is bringing the fame of his father and grandfather down. In order to avoid these disasters down the lane, he is now depending on remake movies. As those films are already a hit in other language, there will be a minimum gurantee for them at Box Office. He is doing Vettai remake with Sunil and Hello Brother remake with director Srinivas Reddy. Latest buzz is that he will be remaking Kannada superhit movie 'Charminar' very soon.
But working on original scripts and scoring hits is a big thing in any hero's career than just depending on remake movies. Maybe Chaitu should think twice before kicking original stories into trash.

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