Friday, 25 January 2013

Deva Katta Reveals Damarukam Financial Problems

Deva Katta Deva Katta Reveals Damarukam Financial ProblemsThe bitter pill of ‘Autonagar Surya’ is not digested so easily by director deva katta. Prestigious RR Movie Makers who are making this project with Naga Chaitanya have abruptly ended the schedules with no post-production works in progress. After waiting for whole lot of time, deva katta started to spill his anger thwarting the producers through indirect statements on Twitter.
As we know that, financial problems behind ‘Damarukam’ is the reason why ‘Autonagar Surya’ is dealyed, now deva katta has leaked the inner matter on how the big film producers are playing with market.
He tweeted, ‘This is how a ‘kaiser soze’ film production works:
Feed few pimps to project you r rich, let them tail a hero/director, catch a project (1)
If market value is ‘x’, fake ur budget to 2x, borrow 2x from several financiers without each other knowing…wth the film as collatoral (2)
Spend 0.5x on film, feed 0.5x to ur pimps, disappear ahead or on the day of release. Whoever has to recover will release the film. (3)
You can also apply this scam for mass production under a banner or a bunch of banners. (4)
Btw, you can also run this scam under a fake name since nobody cares to verify your legal identity while lending crores of money  (5)’
Well, do anyone of us need more clarity?

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