Friday, 25 January 2013

Ram Charan’s Zanjeer To Be Merupu In Telugu?

Ram Charan Zanjeer as Merupu Ram Charans Zanjeer To Be Merupu In Telugu?It is known news that Ram Charan is busy with the shaping up of his new movie which marks his debut in Bollywood. This is titled as ‘Zanjeer’ since it is the remake of the yesteryears hit. The point is, the film is being made as a bilingual in Hindi and Telugu so many are wondering what would be its Telugu title.
Already, there is news that Sanjay Dutt and Sonu Sood would be portraying the role of Pathan Sher Khan in Hindi and Telugu versions respectively. So, the speculations have begun on the title for the Telugu version. Will it be ‘Zanjeer’ or something else. There is also a talk that ’Merupu’ is being considered.
But those who heard this are saying the title is weak and it won’t connect with the audiences. Sentimentally also it is the title of a film which got stalled in between so why to keep it, is the opinion. It requires no introduction on how much importance is given to the titles of star hero films so we have to see how this will be named.

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