Saturday, 16 February 2013

Who is the Special Attraction of CCL 3?

The Celebrity Cricket League 3 has grabbed the eye balls of the audience now. More than last year the AP audience are rooting for the home team Telugu Warriors because of one reason.
Guess what? Its nothing but the inclusion of Mega Power Star Ram Charan in to the squad. Apparently, the early exit of Telugu Warriors team in the last couple of years has turned out to be a huge set back for the audience. And to bring back that glory the organisers have roped in Charan for the third edition. Buzz says that Ram Charan is keen to take on the field on Sunday against their match with Veer Maratha at Hyderabad. This is going to be the actor's debut in CCL and already, the fans of Charan are going agog to grab the passes for the match.
Sources say it was Super Star Salman Khan who insisterd Charan to play in this edition as Hyderabad is going to be the venue for several matches. And that's not all, Salman Khan himself is flying down to Hyderabad to participate in the match. It's really going to be a special match of the season as two Super Stars are locking horns for the first time in CCL's history in Hyderabad. Stay glued to your television sets to see what impact does Charan creates for his team Telugu Warriors.

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