Friday, 1 March 2013

Vishwaroopam: Kamal Haasan-Theatre owners fight,probe begins

Fight over Vishwaroopam: Probe beginsAn investigation by Competition Commission of India (CCI) has begun concentrating on a complaint filed by Kamal Haasan against Tamil Nadu cinema theatre owners associations.
Mr Haasan had filed the complaint asserting that the association had followed anti-competition practices in restricting the release of Mr Haasan's controversial film Vishwaroopam.
Commenting on the fight between Mr Haasan and the association, spokesperson of the CCI said, "Such a decision of Opposite Party (Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association) prima facie seems to be anti-competitive as it deters a producer from providing to consumers an opportunity of watching premiere show in an economic manner in the comforts of his home."
"It also has the potential of adversely affecting the competition and depriving benefit to producers and consumers of newer technologies," he added.
Mr Haasan accused the association of not allowing the movie to be released in the state as he earlier had planned to premiere Vishwaroopam through the Direct to Home (DTH) platform.
The association allegedly had decided not to exhibit any movie including Vishwaroopam if it was already released on DTH platform.
The investigation has been led by the fair trade regulator's investigation arm Director General (DG). According to a CCI document dated Jan 16, the DG has been ordered to complete the investigation into the case within 60 days.

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