Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR cameo in Ramcharan’s Naayak?

NTR Chiru Ram chran Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR cameo in Ramcharans Naayak?Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR cameo appearance in Ramcharan Naayak
Director VV.Vinayak is cooking Ramcharan’s Naayak with lot of surprises which raise the expectations of the movie much higher level.
Reports say, Mega star Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR are doing a cameo roles for this movie. Both of them will be seen in few frames but not together  Vinayak has good relations with NTR has asked him and with out any hesitation NTR has agreed. Its for the first time NTR will be seen in Mega hero movie.
While Chiranjeevi also will be seen in the movie and Chiru’s sentiment in the movie can make wonders as it did for Magadheera. Kajal,Amala Paul as lead heroines , Music by Thaman , Directed by Vinakay, The audio is on 16th December and movie release on 9th January.

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