Thursday, 24 January 2013

Four hours for a Lip to Lip Kiss in Kadali

Four hours for a Lip lock 600x316 Four hours for a Lip to Lip Kiss in KadaliLip lock scene in Kadali movie is one of the hottest news in media. Mani Ratnam has planned a new romantic scene with both new hero and new heroine. This lip lock scene that is shot on Radha’s younger daughter Tulasi and Karthik’s son Gautam is going to be for 10 seconds on the screen but it took nearly four hours while shooting.
At the time of shooting, there was a huge crowd at the shooting location. These new artists felt some difficulty to lock their lips in front of such a crowd. ManiRatnam who is very famous for romantic touch in his films, has gone for so many takes to get the right chemistry between the kids. Observing their difficulty, few unit members were sent off and shot with very few crew. Later Mani got more than he expected from them in lip locking as if they might have practiced it many times before the shoot.
In order to feel this romance, one has to wait till February for the movie to get released. It is little wonder that director like Mani Ratnam who doesn’t go for lip lock scenes has concentrated on it this time.

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