Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ram Charan Comments on Mahesh Babu

Nayak Vs SVS Ccollections1 Ram Charan Comments on Mahesh BabuThough it is not spoken in the open it is often whispered that there is bitter rivalry between Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu. This is not just in terms of box office race but also due to few other reasons. Due to that, it is heard that whenever a chance or situation arises, the satires and counter satires keep happening.
Recently, Ram Charan gave a statement mentioning that youth should come into politics and they should change the nation. He also added that they cannot sit ignorantly stating they don’t know who is the MLA or MP. Those who heard this are saying this is actually a counter to Mahesh Babu.
Usually whenever Mahesh is asked about his opinion on joining politics, he is heard saying “Why politics for me, I don’t even know the MLA or MP.” Well, the statement from Charan is reportedly a counter to this. So why did Charan have to give this counter? Apparently, when Mahesh was asked about his Bollywood plans he reportedly said “Already there is a lot I have to do here, what is the need for going there.”  Charan reportedly felt that this was Mahesh’s satire on him n that’s why he gave this as a counter. That’s the story folks!

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