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Race 2 Movie Review Ratings

Race 2 Movie Review Ratings

Release Date: 25 Jan 2013
Cast: Saif Ali Khan,John Abraham
Genre: Action – Thriller
Language: Hindi
Director: Abbas Burmawalla
Producer: Ramesh Taurani,Kumar S Taurani

Ratings: Coming soon

The Race movie has amazing star cast suited to this kind of genre and on top of that it’s a sequel to successful first installment. On Saturday the movie will also get advantage of Republic Day National Holiday and a good weekend looks solid on the cards.
Story of the movie starts where the first part has ended with Ranveer and Sonia being in love and living their life. But suddenly and mysteriously Sonia dies and Ranveer begins the quest to find his killer. Ranveer is helped by his old pal RD and his secretary Cherry.
This quest of Ranveer takes him to Turkey where the Indian Mafia is run by Armaan Malik and his lover Elena. Armaan is the son of a person who owned horses and used to race but Ranveer destroyed everything. Ranveer doesn’t know this and Armaan is determined to take revenge.
Though the story is not this simple and has many fold, twists and turns and will keep viewers on their toe to what happen next.
Pre Review:
Abbas-Mustan has done it again. Race 2 is a perfect crime thriller even better then the first one.
From the background songs to dialogues to exotic locations to everything, Rae 2 is a must watch. If you are looking forward to a thriller which changes has mystery all around and gives a new shock every minute then Race 2 is for you.
Saif Ali Khan has again donned the role of Ranveer Singh in the film and he is witty, smart, handsome and muscular. Saif has now proven himself in the Macho role and people won’t be disappointed this time around.
John plays the main antagonist in this movie who is ready to take revenge, to do everything to destroy Ranveer and amusingly John has played this part very well. John is now adding few expressions in his dictionary and with his looks and body it is a bonus.
Anil can fit into any role. He can do comedy, action and serious films. There is no doubt about his acting skills and same goes in this film too.
Female leads of this film: Jacqueline, Ameesha and especially Deepika have taken hotness, sexiness and glamour to a whole new level. Deepika is looking stunning in this movie.
Overall, with a strong story and cast, Race 2 is a must watch and may enter into elite 100 crore club.
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