Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rihanna’s jeans are a confusing optical Illusion

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We’ve seen a good amount of double denim in our day (and worn it proudly). But we’ve rarely encountered double denim in a single pair of pants.
But hey, with Rihanna, anything’s possible. Riri celebrated her big Fashion Week celebrated her Rihanna for River Island Collection at a London party on Monday, wearing pants straight from her runway show: the Dark Wash Rihanna Double Top Straight Jeans (get ‘em now for $150).
As River Island’s website describes them, “We’re seeing double with this cool take on mixing denim! With a huge spring trend ready-made, these double top jeans have an innovative spin on casual dressing.”RIHANNA JEANS 570 Rihannas jeans are a confusing optical IllusionRIHANNA JEANS 571 Rihannas jeans are a confusing optical Illusion
Seeing double is right — at first glance, we thought Rihanna’s pants were literally falling down. But a savvy optical illusion does not a fashion statement make, or something. Try as we might to love this spin on double denim, we’re nonplussed.
Take a look and tell us how we should be feeling in the comments.

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