Saturday, 5 January 2013

Allu Aravind steps in for Naayak

Allu-Aravind-steps-in-for-NaayakWith Nayak and SVSC clashing at the box office, mega fans are a little bit worried about Nizam region. Dil Raju has strong hold over this region and has many theaters under his lease. So obviously SVSC will get maximum number of theaters. In that case Naayak will lose large chunk of its income from this region.
It was believed that Dil Raju is also releasing Naayak in Nizam area. That has tensed mega fans even more as Dil Raju would give much importance to the movie he has produced. However the problem has been solved and mega fans can heave a sigh of relief. Why because Allu Aravind has stepped into distribute Naayak in Nizam through Geetha Arts distributors.
Allu Aravind has strong hold in Nizam area in spite of not distributing movies regularly. With Mega producer to Naayak’s support fans can now expect justice to be done to the film. Naayak is going for an all out release on January 9 to make the most of the first two days. SVSC will be occupying many theaters from January 11. So first two days income is crucial for Nayak.

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