Saturday, 5 January 2013

Heavy crowd for Prabhas Mirchi Audio

mirchi-movie-picsMost importantly, Prabhas has been able to command a following among the class and mass. Above all, it is the ladies and girls who are going crazy over this six footer.
Now, Prabhas is arriving with his new film ‘Mirchi’ and it is heard that the audio release of this film will see some major mania. There is a strong rumor that people from Godavari districts are coming in buses to catch their favorite star’s audio function in Hyderabad. This is scheduled to take place on January 5th at Shilpa Kala Vedika.
It is also heard that there is a big Devi Sri Prasad musical night before the audio function to attract the audiences. The makers are not compromising on anything and it is heard that they are spending nearly Rs 70 lakhs just for audio function. If all this is true then it is going to be a thundering evening in Hyderabad.

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