Saturday, 5 January 2013

Harish Shankar Competing with SS Rajamouli

Rajamouli-harish-ShankarFilm critics agree that year 2012 is a directors’ year, who leave a dent on the industry with their successful films. Particularly two directors SS.Rajamouli and Harish Shankar been in the lime light for their impressions made during the year.
Director Rajamouli is known as a cool guy with big ambitions. Unlike many other directors in the industry, he enjoys a 100% success rate in his long tenure in the industry, thus ensuring good returns to his producers.
If, we see his last three films Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna and Eega, one can understand that he is not among those directors who wrap-up the films with three fights and six songs laced with some punch dialogues that grabs the mass audiences.
The director Harish Shankar, debuts with his first film Shock in year 2006, which had a cut above normal. But, there was a long interval of 5 years before he comes with his ‘Mirapakai’ played by mass maharaja Ravi Teja. Though it goes well but not up to their mark.
But, finally he made it to box office with his latest super hit film ‘Gabbar Singh.’ This film not only raised his bar among the directors in the industry but also comes as a blessing for power star Pawan Kalyan, who was desperately looking for hit after three consequent failures of his Puli, Teen Maar and Panja films.
With the story known to people, the influence of the original version, the hit collection songs of the film, everything appears to be heavy on a just-two-film-old director, who also was asked to shoulder the responsibility of giving a hit to desperate Pawan Kalyan. Finally, the duo had delivered a box office hit meeting the expectations of the fans.
This one mega success has placed him among the top directors of the film industry. Yet, it was not sufficient to draw a line between him and Rajamouli. Because, he has to prove his mettle with his further films too, so as one can’t term his present success a mere luck.

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