Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ramya Krishna Hot Acts On TV

Ramya-Krishna---s-Hot-Acts-On-TVMost of the plastic-faced veteran heroines are burning TVs at the moment with their mediocre show-hosting and broken Telugu. The big relief from such woman is undoubtedly this hot aunty.
Even though she is married and ageing, hot aunty Ramya Krishna showed her prowess recently in ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ movie. After that, she became a hot aunty on TV again with an advertisement. That happens to be the ad of famous eatery ‘Kurkure’. Like the spiciness of that eatery, Ramya Krishna is also seen in typical South Indian attire and firing at audience with her frying words. Many people are getting surprised to see Ramya that way, while her aged fans are still dreaming about her.
In fact, Ramya’s presence in Kurkure ads has given big relief for Telugu families from that old face of Juhi Chawla. But the big question is that why that spicy brand is repeatedly taking only spicy old heroines? SRC:

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