Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dustin Hoffman: Awards are like great sex

Dustin-HoffmanDustin Hoffman has likened winning an Oscar to having sex.
The legendary actor turned his hand to directing last year with comedy drama Quartet.
The 75-year-old is already the proud owner of two Oscars thanks to his appearances in Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man, but insists the novelty wouldn’t wear off if he wins a third accolade during this awards season.
“[Would I be happy if I won'] Oh yes! It’s like sex,” he smiled to Total Film.
“They once said to George Burns, ‘What was your worst sexual experience like” He said, ‘Pretty good…’”
Directing has been a lifelong ambition for the Hollywood star, who has been in the business since 1967.
Dustin enjoyed every part of the experience, but admits it isn’t an easy job.
“[What part did I like best'] All of it,” he gushed.
“Except the one thing I have a new-found respect for, which I didn’t know, is that directors do a lot of their acting to you as the actor comes to work. ‘Hey, how are you” they’ll say, and they’ve just found out they’ve lost a location or that the wrong prop was delivered – nothing goes according to plan! It’s designed to make you fail. There’s no other art form like it…Except bungee-jumping!”

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