Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sherlyn Chopra faces flak over ‘ready for rape’ remark

Sherlyn-Chopra-ready-for-rapeSherlyn Chopra is not only famous for her clothes’ shy image but she is also known as someone who is equally outrageous with her tongue.
The playboy girl has dropped the latest bomb, saying that she is ready for rape provided it ensures the safety of the other girls in the country.
This sex bomb has recently tweeted, “Dear HATERS, you say that I should be raped. If my rape can guarantee no further rapes of India’s daughters, then I am ready by all means NO fear.”
While hundreds of protestors are continuing their protest at Jantar Mantar demanding death sentence for accused of the Delhi Gangrape victim, it seems the nudist actress is trying to hog limelight even out of this tragic incident.

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