Saturday, 5 January 2013

It’s a classic start for Kannada movie Lakshmi

priyamani-lakshmiIf one goes by director Raghav Loki’s plans his film, ‘Lakshmi’ will hit 200 theatres after it is been released.Some of his films in the past have come near to 195 theatres but not reached 200 theatres. Perhaps ‘Lakshmi’ breaks that record.
It was of 30 to 40 minutes seen so far in a Kannada cinema. The shooting held inside the Casinos and action portions in Hong Kong are also new for this Kannada film ‘Lakshmi’.  In the budget side of all Shivarajakumar films ‘Lakshmi’ is on higher side from Bharani Minerals. The technical addition consumed more time and money it is learnt.
The most important talk the film ‘Lakshmi’ has created is that of success of films released in two years of making.Shivarajakumar was brought to the notice of this aspect was filled with joy and happy mood. The last year two films took two years for release from the date of starting of shooting. Bharani
Minerals ‘Lakshmi’ had a glorious start for the film at Freedom Park on 31st of December 2010.
It is two years and 15 days by the time the film release in the market. The industry and media hope for such a mammoth success for ‘Lakshmi’. It is of course needed for Bharani Minerals as the captivating film ‘Ko Ko Koli Kothi’ for the banner in the last year did not bring expected results.
Director Raghav Loki addressing the media said the Regional Censor Board not suggesting cuts asked for mute at a few scenes for dialogues is the only correction we have to make. The film has a purpose, meaning and filled with lot of thrill. There is natural and raw feel despite of one hour graphic work in ‘Lakshmi’ says Raghav Loki.
In ‘Lakshmi’ CBI officer is Shivarajakumar and the character carries arrogance and heat. That gets an explanation at the climax portion says Shivarajakumar. There is emotion, scenes are in graphic and not to leave any question in the mind of the public we have worked with sincerity. The sacrifice for the nation ‘Lakshmi’ Lakshminarayana is ever ready in the film.

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