Saturday, 5 January 2013

Russell Crowe keen to star in an Indian film

Russell-CroweActor Russell Crowe has successfully consolidated his place in Hollywood in the past 26-years with his powerpacked performances and now the ‘Gladiator’ star is eager to add an Indian film to his impressive resume. The Oscar-winning actor, 48, was in talks with Sudipto Sen for a film back in 2010 but says the project did not materialise and he is still waiting to do an Indian film.
“I would love to do an Indian film. Infact two years back I was supposed to meet the Indian director Sudipto Sen and discuss a project with him. He wanted to make a film called ‘In Search of Immortality’, which has now been put on hold and I am still waiting to hear from him to take the project ahead,” Crowe said in an email interview.
The actor-producer, who has starred in award-winning films like ‘The Insider’, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Cinderella Man’, says he is aware that the Indian film industry is on the rise and feels there is an increase in exchange of talent between the Bollywood and Hollywood.
I have heard that the Indian film industry is on the rise. A lot of Hollywood directors are moving east-ward to make movies there and work with actors there and vise versa. The international film festivals have been a great platform for introducing and exchanging film culture,” Crowe said.
The Australian actor’s latest crime drama ‘Broken City’ is being released by PVR Pictures in India on January 18.
The film is Allen Hughes’ solo directorial debut. Earlier, the Hughes brothers, consisting of twins Allen and Albert, have directed numerous films including ‘Menace II Society’, ‘Dead Presidents’ and ‘Book of Eli’.”Allen has directed this movie all alone and was quite comfortable with the movie- making process. He has portrayed all the characters very well. We all were able to bring out the feel and personality of the roles given to us, quite naturally,” the actor said.
In the film, Crowe is sharing screen space with actors Mark Wahlberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones.When asked about his experience of working with them, the actor said, “I had a great cast to work with. I like to work with Mark a lot. He is comfortable with the job and idea of playing characters. Catherine is magnificent. I think her power of acting has grown ten folds from what it was earlier. She is fun to work with.

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