Friday, 8 February 2013

Vishwaroopam Movie Rating by Websites: Critics Review

Vishwaroopam Movie Rating Vishwaroopam Movie Rating by Websites: Critics ReviewCheck out what the critics have to say about one of the biggest ever film in the Indian film industry – Vishwaroopam.
Oneindia – 3.5 stars
Vishwaroopam has a wonderful story. It is well-backed by technical aspects like action and cinematography. Of all technical aspects, Sanu Varghese’s cinematography stands tall, as he has done a brilliant job. He has wonderfully captured some of the rarest locales of Afghanistan. Be it in his avatar of Kathak dancer with feminine qualities, or in the role of a terrorist, Kamal Hassan proves again why he is the best when it comes to acting.
Times of India – 3 stars
Like Hollywood that is obsessed with Osama Bin Laden and terror post-9/11, actor-writer-director Kamal Haasan, one of India’s finest film talents, gets drawn to Osama this time. Intentions of this film and the maker are good. Kamal’s performance is A-grade. However the film fails, especially in the second half because there are no lump-in-the-throat moments; nor is there any shock and awe.
Indiaglitz – 4 stars
The production value behind Vishwaroopam is just stupendous. You haven’t seen spy films from India like this before, not in any age and as the plot pulsates between the back story and the present, you are soon left unable to keep count of the sophistication. Kamal’s presence is benevolent across departments. His witty dialogues that possess crude and groovy meanings are plenty. Some of them, which survived the screening, are truly outrageous and impressive. Despite the gory nature of the screenplay, the film offers something to everyone (maybe except kids) and lets you dwell on a handful of little tales until the last frame. Shortly put, it’s brilliant.
Kamal Haasan has delivered an outstanding performance. Shekhar Kapur makes a rare and satisfying on-screen appearance. Rahul Bose is dignified and effective as Omar, the boss of an Afghanistan-based terrorist outfit. Leading lady Pooja Kumar is more than adequate. Sanu John Varghese’s cinematography is extraordinary. Mahesh Narayan’s editing is also perfect. The choreography of the action scenes needs a special mention as being at par with Hollywood flicks.
Vishwaroopam works well as a live action thriller. Kamal doesn’t pause even for a micro second while going full-throttle on the action sequences – both as the lead actor and the director. The scenes of intrigue, emotions and conspiracy keep well-timed pace with the rest of the narrative which is also rich in details and properties. At a couple of places, metronomically it drags a bit though. And there could have been more fizz in the climax. The highlights of the movie are the production values and the brilliance of Kamal as an actor.

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