Sunday, 20 January 2013

Naayak Writer's 'Interval' Comedy

In-Talk: Naayak Writer's 'Interval' Comedy
While director Vinayak generally takes up the responsibility of handling visualization and screenplay, the script and dialogue are provided by noted writer Akula Shiva. Right now this writer is making fun of himself with some silly talks. Check it.

Akula Shiva stated that this film's interval bang is the first of its kind on Indian cinema screen. Oh really, what is so special about it then? When there are two identical heroes, police mistook one for another and try to grab him. But there enters the real one, fights and gets arrested. Simply this is the interval bang of Naayak and one will wonder what is so exciting about it. Is writer Shiva doing comedy?

This writer has written some really good scripts in the past. Though his scenes are not innovative, his dialogues are punchy and entertaining. But it looks  like he is falling for flattery now and missing quality in his  work.

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