Sunday, 20 January 2013

Producer Books Three Hotties For Rum

Producer Books Three Hotties For Rum
Finally producer MS Raju has got three hotties booked for his upcoming project. This film not only decides the future of our fat-producer but also the existence of these three hotties in Tollywood for some more time.

MS Raju is all set to start his 'Rambha Urvasi Menaka' (RUM) as he finally found all the three sizzling divas who are ready to take the roles of that tile. Petite siren Trisha is confirmed as Rambha and another Tamil actress Poorna is doing the character of Menaka. However, the girl doing the role of Urvasi is not confirmed till date. Latest we hear is that Pawan's Puli heroine Nikeesha Patel is signed to play that role. Though the story line of this flick is not known, it is expected to be a sizzling treat for Telugu audiences with the presence of three hot beauties in the lead.

Also, the success of this movie will determine the fate of MS Raju, Trisha, Poorna and Nikeesh Patel for whom wonderful stuff is not happening in Tollywood right now.

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