Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lady producer cleavage show

Lady producer cleavage show
It is quite common for heroines and models in public functions to attract people around them with luring costumes with enough skin show. Some even go for wardrobe malfunctions to grab the attention of media. But the lady technicians like directors and producers won't dare to do that generally. But the producer and director Ekta Kapoor who earned lot of fame with masala films and telefilms is no less than any other heroine or model. Recently she became a center of attraction in a function she recently attended by her cleavage show pulling all the photographers around her.

Filmy people are whispering that it was a mere publicity stunt to be in focus like any other heroine all the time. It will be even enjoyable to her fans if she maintain a good physic unlike the bubbly beauty Namita.

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